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Fall concert season is in full swing and many of your favorite artists are on the road. Some of our favorites are Stevie Nicks, Joe Bonamassa and Il Divo, all headed across the country this month. New tours like Coldplay, Green Day and Shawn Mendes are also drawing a lot of attention. Classics such as Willie Nelson, Elton John and Styx are also around all autumn long. Good times start by buying Great Seats today!


The Avett Brothers Remain on the Move
The Avett Brothers, the American folk rock band from Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, is currently on the road with show dates set to run up to April 23 where they’ll finish in North Charleston, South Carolina. The Avett Brothers are known for combining bluegrass, country, punk, rock and roll, indie rock, honky tonk, and ragtime to produce a highly distinct sound. They have a total of nine studio albums with this tour in support of their 2016 release, "True Sadness." In November, NPR Music premiered their video for the single ’No Hard Feelings’ as part of their First Watch series.
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Bruno Mars Makes Magical Return in 2017
Bruno Mars is getting ready to head out on tour honoring his latest album "24k Magic". Dates are set to last up through June 12, 2017, with shows in the US and Europe, stopping in Bologna, Italy. Mars is an American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. He began making music as a child and performed in many shows most of his childhood. Later in life, Mars signed with Motown Records but switched to Atlantic Records in 2009 after Motown dropped him. Mars has sold over 100 million singles and albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. With three studio albums to his name, Mars received many awards and nominations including four Grammys.
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Donald Trump Wins 2016 Election
November 8, 2016, was expected by many to be a historic day in our country’s history, and it was. It just wasn’t the outcome that anyone expected, making huge headlines not just in the United States, but around the world. Donald Trump, a businessman and reality TV star with no political experience, pulled off one of the biggest election upsets in the history of the United States when he defeated Hillary Clinton, who everyone expected would become the country’s first female president. The outcome was a polarizing event that has half the country celebrating while many others are dismayed. It’s even sparked protests in major cities around the country, proving the President-Elect generates a lot of different emotions.
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Comedy Tickets

Warm up your funny bone with tickets to see comedians touring around the country. Comics like the enraged Lewis Black and puppet master Jeff Dunham command the stage and have audiences bursting with laughter. Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld have taken a leave from television and film to go out in front of live audiences as well. Lastly, Michael Carbonaro and Jeff Foxworthy are certainly "worthy" of your attention. Come laugh with us with tickets from

Martin Shkreli and Wu-Tang Clan Inspire Comedy Musical
Recently, Wu-Tang Clan accidently inspired several news stories when hated pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli paid millions to obtain their one-of-a kind album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Martin Shkreli had become infamous for purchasing and then massively raising the prices of AIDS and cancer related medicines. Now, Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher are turning the debacle into a comedy musical. The whole idea is based off the fake rumor that a legal clause allowed Wu-Tang Clan to legally steal back the album as long as they enlisted the help of famous actor Bill Murray. The rumor captured the attention of the internet and apparently also this duo of comedians as they now seek funding before appearing at the Midtown International Festival. For those interested in funding the venture, their website can be found here at
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Jerry Seinfeld balances TV and Stand-Up
Jerry Seinfeld continues touring across East Coast as his popular Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee show begins its 8th season. Jerry Seinfeld continues to perform periodically his live stand up comedy, with new summer dates available. Meanwhile, his TV show begins its 8th season. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee stars Seinfeld and a new special guest every episode as they travel for lunch and discuss past stories and current events. Some of these special guests have included Jim Gaffigan, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, and even President Obama himself. Catch Seinfeld on the road as he continues to do live shows at The Beacon Theatre in New York (June 8, July 7) and Borgata Event Center (Aug. 12 and 13) in New Jersey.
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Maher now owns a small piece of the Mets

Comedian Bill Maher has been a lifelong baseball fan, and a NY Mets fan in particular. So when the struggling baseball franchise announced the opportunity to purchase shares in the team to help offset serious debt, Maher jumped at the chance.

Although his is only a minority stake, Maher thinks its a good investment and is banking on the fact they are turning out to be a good team this year. Maher said he decided to invest in the team after reading last year Mets COO Jeff Wilpon and dad Fred — in financial trouble because of their relationship with Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff — were putting 12 minority-ownership shares up for sale at $20 million each. The fact that the move has horrified some right-wing commentators is simply icing on the cake for Maher.

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Sports Tickets

Fall and winter means sports and more sports. Perennial favorites like Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals are fun to watch in the Eastern Conference, while Western Conference darlings include The Dallas Stars and St Louis Blues. For the NBA season kick off, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are still something to see.


Maryland Terps become Bowl eligible with win over Rutgers
The Maryland Terrapins haven’t exactly had it going for them so far recently. A four-game losing streak, a three-game nightmare and a two year wait since their last bowl appearance All of that ended Saturday against the Rutgers with a 31-13 win. Maryland came into the regular season healthy with a 4-0 start. Throughout the entirety of the season, the Terps have been led by coach DJ Durkin, making this his first season. Durkin had words to share: “It’s hard to put into words, to express as a coach," Durkin said. "When you come to a program, you’ve got a group of guys that don’t know you at all, and you basically take their world and flip it upside down and ask them to not only buy into what you’re doing, but really be the leaders of it. That’s probably a strange dynamic that I don’t think can be simulated any other way than it is. For what our guys have done, what our seniors have done, how they bought in and really embraced what we’re doing – and we do a lot of things that are different than most and out of the box - and they’ve bought it in."
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Colin Kaepernick: Fidel remarks taken out of context
Colin Kaepernick is under the microscope of society right now. He is front running the movement standing with Black Lives Matter, which raises awareness of police brutality. Kaepernick openly denounces systematic oppression and even refuses to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. His stance is widely known. In recent news, former dictator Fidel Castro passed away in Cuba. The 49ers happened to be playing in Florida where Kaepernick offered his thoughts on Castro, and the masses misinterpreted the intent behind his words. Kaepernick was also seen wearing a shirt with both Castro and Malcolm X together with the caption "like minds think alike." Many assumed he sided with the values of Castro based on the timing of his death. Kaepernick offered his words: "What I said was I agree with the investment in education. I also agree with the investment in free universal healthcare as well as the involvement in him helping end apartheid in South Africa. ... Trying to push the false narrative that I was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true." Kaepernick then went on to say he was wearing the shirt in support of Malcolm X more than as a commentary on how he feels about Castro. "I can understand the concern, but for me, what I said was that was a historic moment for Malcolm," Kaepernick said. "I’m not going to cut out pieces of Malcolm’s life. In 1960, when they met in Harlem, that was a historic moment -- and that’s something I will always be true to what Malcolm was, what he represented because I’m not going to cut out history."
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Ravens beat Bengals 19-14, earn 1st place tie in AFC North
Kickers are one of the most underrated players in the league but most respected at the same time. Games can be won and lost depending on a kicker’s competence and skill. For the Ravens, kicker Justin Tucker pulled through when it was needed most. Fresh off of a four-game losing streak, Baltimore clutched victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. With this win, they tie for the #1 spot in the AFC North. Tucker knocked down three field goals from 50+ before adding another 36-yarder to give the Ravens a 19-9 lead with 12:16 left. Cincinnati put up six more points, but it did them no justice in the end.
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